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Miskatonic University is an unique on-line venue for students of weird literature, science, anthropology, sociology, library sciences, etc. to expand your knowledge and add to the knowledge of others. 

Should you wish to become a part of this venture, please enroll as a student in the division of the University you feel best suited for.  To register, which is free, go to the registration form page.

Admission is given to those who fill out the form with both personal and profesional information and supply the University with interesting answers to the essay questions.  While your name, city-state-and-country, email address (set to not be stolen by webcrawlers), and essays are posted on the campus site, your information remains confidential.   While there will be rare cases where the University contacts individuals or the student body at-large about important and useful events or additions to the site, you will generally not be contacted unless you initiate the correspondence. 

Once you have been accepted as a student at Miskatonic University, it is up to you to use the information you find here or elsewhere to develop interesting additions to the campus.  While your additions to the campus appear on-line, they remain your property, you own the copyright, and you are free to expoit their potential anywhere else you might choose to. 

You can also check out the Advisor's Office about submitting material, corresponding with the University, Department Chairs, etc. 

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