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Currently Miskatonic University's on-line campus is available at no cost to new students.
Certain future courses and degree programs will have enrollment fees and tuition costs
but that is in the future.  New Students are listed through the Student Union.

To apply for enrollment at Miskatonic University, fill out the following form and submit it by pressing the submit button at the end.
When the Admission Board has accepted your enrollment (based on the completness of your form),
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We hope you enjoy the site and will help to add material which can enrich the research and knowledge of other students at Miskatonic.
NOTE: No phone numbers or addresses are posted.  Email addresses are posted in a manner to avoid automatic retrieval by the evil spammers.
We do not sell or give your information out to anyone, do not contact you, and leave it up to you to contact the University, if you wish.
If you have made mistakes, you can revise the form or clear it to start again.   Please note that this form is for enrollment in the on-line campus.
For regular enrollment in Miskatonic University, please contact your educational advisor at the school you currently attend. 
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