Welcome to the internet on-line campus of Miskatonic University, dedicated to the works of H. P. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard, Robert W. Chambers, Edgar Allan Poe, and others of the arcane tradition.  This site was developed to allow non-registered students a way of attending the University.  The purpose of the on-line campus is to foster continued interest in the literary arts and provide resource material, research information, and a forum for students, writers, and enthusiasts of literature.  The site will continue to evolve over time as new courses are put on line.  It is a continuing education project. PLEASE NOTE OUR NEW ADDRESS: http//www.miskatonicuniversitypress.com/miskatonic/
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Tom Cox, U.S.
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Jordan D. Lusian, U.S.
M. Olabode Tijani, Nigeria

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