. We have some amazing talent on our campus.  Below are some of the elements which gave these students the opportunity to enter Miskatonic.  As time goes on, we will try to show more of their accomplishments.  This section is still in the development phase.
Virtual Advanced 
High School
. Students, feel free to email your updates,  corrections, or deletions to ADVISORS OFFICE.
Chandler, Brandon 
     St. Clair, Minnesotta, U.S.A.
     Mortuary Science / Mythology 
I have a strong interest in arabic and mythological studies and I would like to see what your college has to offer.  I like to read and I have a strong desire to learn more in the field of arabic and
Dudley, Kate
     <FireyBlonde @ mtv.com>
     Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S.A.
     Art / Archaeology
Founding Student - To Be Completed
Fiorini, Alexandr
     Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
     Alchemy / Metaphysics
Founding Student - To Be Completed
Gray, Magnus
      <deadchicken @ hotmail.com>
     Boise, Idaho, U.S.A.
     Mythology / Arabic Studies
i want to study the occult.  i plan to write books.  i am ingenius and exceptionally bright.  i think i will break new ground in occult studies
Guy, Kane
      <kaneguy @ cableinet.co.uk>
     Gillingham, Kent, U.K.
     Metaphysics / English Literature
Founding Student - To Be Completed
Höhmann, Nils
      <tomtenisse @ alfa.telenordia.se>
     Stockholm, Sweden
     Mythology / English Literature
I'm a Swedish audio engineer student, currently living in a suburb south of Stockholm.  I've had a sincere interest in supernatural fiction since I was fifteen, reading mainly fantasy in the beginning but later developing a taste for horror. Other interests include soccer and modern electronic dance music  As I have mentioned, I`ve always had an interest in macabre and supernatural fiction. As late as 1998 I discovered H.P. Lovecraft and the stories of the Chtulhu mythos (being somewhat of a fantasist before). The bloodcurdling terror and abominable horror of mr Lovecraft proved an absolute delight and I quickly devoured every one of his books available in Swedish bookstores. Looking around for more related fiction, I found out that my old favourites Robert E. Howard and Brian Lumley had published several works in the Mythos tradition. This really got my interest and I decided to do some extensive reading on the subject. I found out about the on-line Miskatonic while searching the internet for Chtulhu-related sites. I think it is a wonderful idea. I really dont know what I expect to accomplish with this, only that I find it extremely intriguing and that I have a wish to meet others dedicated to the study of elder forbidden lore. 

My Pitch?  Now look here, dear reader. I'll make this perfectly clear to you. I`m not going plead to some sort of committee or try to justify myself to you. I think the very idea that a Mythos scholar has to explain in what way he will enhance the academic life at Miskatonic is dreadfully rude!  The answer should be obvious, that as many truly interested students as possible will contribute to a vital and efficient virtual

Karol, Robert J.
     Raleigh, North Carolina
     English Literature
Bio: In 1985, under the emperorship of the great King Re-gahn, in the southern
provinces of Uh-Sah was born the accursed offspring of a village maiden named Philomena and the Elder God Loraktreb-(or translation: Molten Demon of the Twilight Regions). In 2002, the child of the Elder God and the peasant, named Rob-Beh (translation: He-That-Waits-for-the-End-Time) embarked upon a quest for the knowledge that would bring him into his birthright.  Following a performance in the King in Yellow rumored to be responsible for an assassination attempt on a provincial administrator and being wait-listed by several universities, including Ulthar U., that had heard of his practice of the black arts, young Rob-Beh discovered this site.

Awards: Special File in CIA Vaults, Langley, VA; North Carolina’s Howling of Demons Governor School (for the study of those ancient arts forgotten by man.)  Sarnath Scholarship.  Internship in Civil Service under King Ubu in France.

Interests: Medieval Torture; Punk Rock; Archaeological Excavation of Ancient, Half-forgotten Cities

Career:  I expect to see the return of Loraktreb-Or to this blighted Earth, to usher in the new Dark Age.  Miskatonic’s resources and faculty offers opportunities to study things that Ivy League colleges such as Brown and Yale fail to offer.  In addition, the lack of any moral compunctions amongst the student body and faculty offer me chances to restart the same studies
that got me arrested in three states. that shall be damned for all time. As an artist and actor, I am fascinated by the profane religious rituals of the elder races that were reference but never explored by Antonin Artaud in his final, unpublished essay, “The Drama of Abdul Al-hazelred.”  I hope that
Miskatonic U. alumni can give me the connections I need to ensure my goals of worldwide doom and...  For a successful career in the blasphemous entertainment industry.

My background in North Carolina gives me the connections to study the backwoods degeneracy of Appalachia, who are prone to be possessed by strange light based alien beings. In
addition, my unique heritage of Godhood and middle class suburban upbringing would bring some much needed diversity to the Miskatonic campus. As my recommendations from Agatha Harkness, my High School director Steve U. Pickman (Miskatonic ‘78) and Dr. Victor Von Doom attest, I am capable of commitment and devotion, some said obsession, but I shall prove them wrong in my work. Finally, in group projects, I may be a hard and exacting taskmaster, but all of those classmates who survived my hunts of that most dangerous quarry of all, man, always thanked me. 

Kelley, Joseph
     White Haven, Pennsylvanie, U.S.A.
     Metaphysics (Mythology) / Archaeology
I am interested in attending Miskatonic University because I believe I will be better able to further my more…… esoteric studies. I am interested in all the courses provided at this prestigious University. I hope to attain employment as an educator at this very University.  I would be a boon to the University in the long run. I will be able to enhance life at the campus in many ways, ways which will be revealed to you over time.
Peacock, Lucas
       <azoth1 @ hotmail.com>
     Shepeard, Michigan, U.S.A.
     Archaeology / Metaphysics
Frankly I want to see what will happen, Neither Arkham or the old Miskatonic U actually exist. I want to see what you people will send me, sorry but I wont give you my Phone No. 

I am a very Individualistic individual, I will add to your artificial campus by being there.  Also I can give you insites into Lovecraft and links to other writers.

Richards, Christopher 
      Bardon, Queensland, Australia
      Library Science / English Literature
Personal Bio?  I’d tell you, but then I’d have to kill you. 
Why I want to go to M.U.?  I want to rule the world. What else is there? 
Why I should be admitted?  Because I ROCK!!
Strong, Chris 
     <Tsathoggua @ webtv.net> 
     N'Kai, Nevada, U.S.A.
     Mythology / Archeology
Founding Student - To Be Completed
Vance, Ryan
      <stuartsomething @ hotmail.com>
     Lilburn, Georgia, U.S.A.
     Archaeology / Library Science
My interest in this school stems from its prestigious reputation not only in some of the twentieth century’s greatest works of fiction, but also in its many real-world accomplishments.  Being only in high school, my academic pursuits are somewhat limited and more-than-somewhat dull.  At Miskatonic, I endeavor to further my knowledge of ancient cultures and manuscripts, all the while continuing my “living computer” research and development.

In all honesty, I have no distinctive qualities other than my writing which, at its best, has still never won any awards.  I do, however, have a great deal of commitment to the types of studies for which Miskatonic has earned its reputation.  Through my hard work, insight, and creativity, I believe that I can contribute to this university.

. .
Adams, Candice 
     Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
     Mythology / Occult (medieval 
     studies) / Chemistry
    Interests include: Vampire history and lore, body suspension, Body modification, medieval weapons, fantasy weapons, Fantasy writing,  ancient structures, Old
Medieval Latin.
     Essay: My interests have been lured into the Occult and grown a lust for Cosmic Enlightenment by the suffocation and bondage of humanity. My mind thirsts for higher knowledge of the unknown, for unearthly intelligence beyond all standards of harmony and ethical conducts.
     I seek knowledge: I wish to learn what the Miskatonic University has to share. As for what I plan to contribute, I can not say for sure. If I find a place for myself here, I will share resources I possess or anything else I have stored that may be of use to the University.
Brislin, Clea
     <cleatus.brislin @ gte.net>
     Manassas, Virginia, U.S.A. 
     Library Science / Metaphysics
Interested in the metaphysical and rare books.
Brower, Danial 
      <celt @ fidnet.com>
     Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri, U.S.A
     Archaeology / Ancient history
I plan to obtain my doctorate in Antho / Archeao from Miskatonic U.  After I complete my education I intend to travel the world in search of the evidence of the marvels hinted at in the works of the Miskatonic Library.

I am an accomplished western martial artist and fear nothing in my research.  I intend to delve as deeply into the mythos as possible, regardless of the consequences.

Casey, Melinda
      <Soulgrdian @ aol.com>
     URL: Hometown.aol.com/Soulgrdian/
     Jackson, Mississippi, USA
     English Literature / Mythology
Bio: An avid reader/writer of poetry, several articles, and poems published. I enjoy studying religion/philosophy, arts, creative writing, music, sports and animals. 

Publications:  The Vine Newsletter, My own booklet of poetry titled, "Poetry by Casey". Also, helping out with a newsletter for CUUPS church group.

Essay:   I am interested in attending Miskatonic University and pursuing a degree in English Lit and Mythology. I believe a degree in both of those fields will further my goals and desires of a career in Editoral Writing.
      I think I would be a great asset to the University and both parties would benefit from this union.  I am a quick learner and I love to learn and would enjoy both career wise and mentally taking courses in English Lit and Mythology. 

Dodd, Rob
     <bob_gor2002 @ yahoo.com>
     Beaver Dam, Arizona, U.S.A.
     Grimoires & ancient texts  / Arabic Studies
Ancient texts. I love them!  So full of history and info. I research them all the time, and, sometimes work on translating them.  I hope to accomplish much through MU, too much to describe.

Through my occult training I'll be able to understand ancient works and translate intentional errors in them.  I also have numerous contacts from whom I can gain info from.  If I don't  know I can find out.

Downes, Brent 
     Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
     English Literature / Metaphysics
My first and most passionate love is of literature.  I am undertaking a course in education and literature as I hope to one day be able to share this with others.  I would hope that with the help of Miskatonic University I could broaden my knowledge of literatures that are not studied at my home university, and be able to share these with students when I become a teacher.

I am widely read in many different forms and cultures' literature. I have worked on a volunteer basis in literary criticism for a local writers' groups and when I do not have university research to do, I like to undertake my own research into literature which is of interest to me.  My approach has been occasionally called unorthodox and a little obscure, but never so much so to not be understood.

Fuentes, Johnnie 
      <psyphone @ hotmail.com>
      El Monte, California, U.S.A.
     Alchemetaphysical Sciences / Arabic Studies
Essay: hey this would look real good on my resume when I run for city council. Hey, do ya think this would be good for my real-state career. 

Note: simply put.... you need me.  Without me this puppy of an organization will get nowhere fast.  With me you'll get there much slower.  So why not let me in so we can discuss the scientific implications of the Necronomicon and breaking the light barrier.

Grenier, Paul
      <pgrenier @ ashtonservices.com> 
     West Springfield, Massachusetts, U.S.A. 
     Metaphysics / English Literature
Founding Student - To Be Completed
Lingafelt, Jesse
     <lingafelts @ charter.net>
     Altoona, PA, U.S.A.
     Mythology / Metaphysics
I was first brought into the mythos by the Titus Crow series of Brian Lumly.
Littlejohn, Ebeneezer
      <dormouse @ usa.net> 
     Cobalt Springs, Texas, U.S.A. 
     Metaphysics / English Literature
Well to put it bluntly, I don’t want to attend MU, but my dog is making me.  I swear to god... God... GOD... that if he wakes me up one more time with that cold, slimy nose and tells me that today is the day I die I might just have to give him to my Vietnamese neighbor who has been eyein’ him for the past few months.  Don’t get me started about the cat  now.  Oh, where was I?  Academic pursuits.  Hmm.  I guess I want to study Metaphysics because they’re like, solid ya know.  I mean who wants to study fluids and such, to hard to keep.  Always getting new tupperware and sponges.   Study a good ole iron bar.  It ain’t going anywhere.  Cept maybe, well, you know... 

Accomplishments?  Let’s see.  I want to make the world largest liver-shaped jello mould, lime jello, of course.  I’d like to own the company that makes little things at the end of shoelaces, but mostly I’d like to just dance, dance, dance.  I hope our interests are similiar, because, man, my dog is getting pissed.

Llorens, Jordi J. 
     <spock.bakula @ wanadoo.es>
     Igualada, Barcelona, Spain
     Mythology / Archaeology of the impossible
Re-founded 'the Physics Drama Group.' Sadly it was dissolved after attempting to adapt HPL's 'The Shadow Out of Time.' "Still concerned about the disappearances."  Published 'Intercom,' a satirical newsletter (1997-2001) and '1701,' a trekker fanzine (1998-2000)  Co-author of the 'Seanny Ladstar'campaign, including the videoclip 'The Ballad of Seanny Ladstar,' in which I sing in reverse.

Appearing as a kind, loving guy; talekeeper for Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, and Warren Ellis, secret societies make me smile, own a phaser and go boldly sometimes.  I'd love to be one of those guys that go on scientific missions to nightmare countries and keep the log, while the rest of the team vanishes... To later discover my fellow
professors had been eaten or mutated, and face them with a six-bullet revolver, a flashlight, and a soft jogging.   Mythology and formal Archaeology seem to be the logical choice.  Right after placing my shaking fingers on the mud-carven covers of "The Book of
Toth," it was taken from me by cone-like guys. I neeeeed to open it. Please. Let me in,  I will share my private collection of sinister monoliths. Promise. Just let me read your copy.

MacQuarrie, Shane
     Renton, Washington, U.S.A. 
     Metaphysics / Mythology
My interest is simple, you have the library that I need inorder to further my
studies into the "other" realms.  I have been a druid priest for half of my life and desire to continue my learning.  I  have the unique history of having studied most religions and even some that wish they could be considered a religion.
Marcone, James 
     Lawrence, Massachusetts, U.S.A.
     Mythology / Archaeology
I always found myself wanting more than the answers given to me.  Somewhere deep inside me I know that there was something behind the things I was taught. 12 years of Catholic school led me to believe that there was more then just one "God" out there. So I started to study mythology.  I learned about other cultures and their belief structures.  One must keep an open mind in this world.

I want to study here so I can have access to the ancient and forbidden texts you keep in your extensive library.  With this information I will try ot solve at least one of the great mysteries of our past and maybe our future.

My hunger for the unknown has kept me going this far. With or without you I will continue on my quest. Something inside me is driving me to find these answers. 100% is what I would give if I the chance.

Mastro, Ronald
     Washougal, Washington, U.S.A. 
     Mythology / Archaeology
Founding Student - To Be Completed
O'Leary, John 
     Sollentuna, Sweden
     Metaphysics / Literature
From the age of four, I have been educated in international surroundings. I fervently enjoy: sports like skiing and chess, reading literature by authors such as Oscar Wilde and Emmet Fox, music of Giuseppe Verdi and mastering modern “ technology.” Biography is only a piece in some puzzle. Vital components are “hypothesis” argument and conclusion. 
    Hypothetically, life is finite and should be appreciated. My argument is that relevance is a personal tool which serves no greater purpose than a spoon. Priority is the product of chance which no one can alter. If a loved one is murdered by a stranger, our priorities will differ from those of a person climbing a rock face. Relevance is only identified by what is fashionable and
survival is its source.  Conclusively, priorities of most people are to survive. I want to taste the most savory parts of life’s menu.

I will strive to make this the best college experience possible

Pinto, Myke Parcia
     Iloilo City, Iloilo, Philippines
     Metaphysics (Paranormal 
          Psychology) / Eastern Studies
I'm a 21 yo student of Psychology. I have plans of pursuing a degree in Para-psychology. I'm a paranormal researcher, a magickal practitioner.  Founder Ordo Intra Circularis & co-founder Blessed Circle of the Almighty.

I'm a seeker, a soul whose interest in the unknown outweighs any other field of
Science. I always seek new knowledge, in the Arcane Arts, and other Magickal Subjects. An acceptance in this academy will help me learn more in the fields of the
arcane and help me dismiss all stereotyped beliefs in this very elusive art. I've read books with these topics but my spirit yearns for more...   I'm from the Philippines and as you know it is a deep Catholic country with
deep mystical roots.In this country mysticism and paranormal sciences are dismissed as "demonic" and therefore banned from Universities and other academic institution. If there is an authority in these studies that would shed light into this mentality, it would benefit the whole practicing population of this country. There are many Practitioners of
the Craft in this country. I even co-founded an online group which plans on uniting all the practitioners. There are a very few individuals who are interested in this studies, a very few people who really spend time to dig deeper into these mysteries. In our
country availability of these materials (books, old grimoires, etc.) are rarely found plus the financial factor of the people here (especially family from the provinces) it is very difficult to do researches and studies on these matters. I'm a researcher by heart and I could do research on certain topics with dedicatin, depending on the available
materials. I hope the selection commitee will choose me as one of their students. Thank

Roach, James
     Dryden, Washington, U.S.A.
     Metaphysics / Mythology
Born in Texas to Southern Baptists but was able, with much work, to overcome that. Have worked in retail, food services, and construction as well as law enforcement, web design, coding and administrative services on various online roleplaying games and military service.  An eager student of computers and technology.
Personal studies have included mythology, history, arcane arts and middle-eastern
philosophy.  Speak English, German, and Farsi and some Spanish with a smattering of Arabic, Gaelic, and Mandarin Chinese.  Posseses an extensive collection of the works of Poe, Lovecraft and Robert E Howard as well as books on the magic of the middle ages and the modern revival. 32nd degree Scottish Rite Mason and amateur artist and writer of "unpublishable" fiction.   Enjoy Medieval re-enactment%2C armoring, pirates, "Black Vulmea rocks," history, Masonry, sufism.

Miskatonic University.  The name conjures images of musty libraries packed with teetering stacks of mouldering books, their leather covers cracked and worn, their
leaves stained by centuries of shaking hands turning time worn pages.  There could not be a more fitting place to continue my pursuit of knowledge in the mystic arts.  I hope to breathe the same air that inspired the great Abdul Alhazred, or Howard Phillips Lovecraft as he styled himself
among the profane.  The catch a glimpse of the magic that fed the Lovecraft circle in their corespondence.  To deepen my understanding of the workings of those forces and beings that share a hidden place in our world.  My secret hopes hinge on admission.  "O great masters, lost to the eyes of mere men, who rule unseen in the spaces between, whisper to me your secrets."  I have a "Cthulhu for President" lapel pin.  The first bumper sticker I ever put on my very first car nearly 20 years ago read "Miskatonic University."  I am well versed in ritual magic, modern wicca and witchcraft, both in practice and in print.  I've read the works of Robert Bloch,
HPLk REHk Fritz Leiberk C L Moore and others.  I know the source material.  I
know what was made up by Robert Chambers and others and what was altered from historic sources to fit their needs as writers of fantastic fiction.  I have a wicked sense of humor and a propensity for role play.  I've spent two weeks reading this site and would love to contribute as my meager skills would allow.  Thank you for your consideration.
Rohrbaugh, Michael 
     Rome, Ohio, U.S.A. 
     Metaphysics / Eastern Studies
A bright, but dark personality, I have been studying the occult most of my life but most recently I have been studying the Necronomicon.  I wish to attend Miskatonic University to grow in knowledge about metaphysics and the occult, and to grow as a person with the knowledge I shall gain. 
Stracener, Suzanna L. 
     Augusta, Georgia, U.S.A.
     Arabic Studies / Chemistry
Bio: I am currently 24 years old and a member of the United States Navy. I follow no certain religion, but the studies of all have fascinated me since I was very young and attended a Catholic school. Since graduating and joining the military, I have persued a language education dealing with modern Persian/Farsi.

Academic achievements: Graduated highschool with honors. Graduated Defense Language Institute, Monterey, California with honors in Persian/Farsi language study program.

Several years ago, I met someone who remains a dear friend to me. His religious practices dealt with many of the teachings and rituals described in the various translations of the Necronomicon.  He taught me many things, and my interest in all things dealing with Necromancy and Alchemy
became nearly insatiable. We have unfortunately had to part ways, and so he was never able to finish his mentoring of me. I have since purchased many books relating to the Mythos surrounding the Necronomicon and the varied writings of H.P. Lovecraft, Edgar Allan Poe, and other authors of their genre. Throughout all of these books, the Miskatonic University is mentioned in almost every tale. To be quite honest, I was not sure if this University was real, or part of a sort of fiction. I was very much delighted to discover that it really does exist! I am hoping to learn more about the Necronomicon and the other mythology surrounding it, as well as dabble a bit in
alchemy. I would love to obtain a degree in these studies, and perhaps move on further towards a Master's or Doctorate as well. It's not everyday you discover something that ignites a passion for learning such as I have discovered through my as yet rudimentary research on these subjects.  I am very much eager to learn as much as I can. There are few people that I know if whom I can discuss these matters with, simply due to their personal beliefs. I would love to contribute to the studies, as well as meet other people and share a part of myself with them that I often find difficult to relate to others. I believe that I can bring my own ideas to the academics at Miskatonic University, as well as absorb the ideas and veiwpoints of professor and fellow student alike. ...

Trumpler, William
     Lakeland, Florida, U.S.A. 
     Mythology / English Literature
Founding Student - To Be Completed
van de Langerijt, Siwan
      <709925 @ ican.net> 
      Moose Factory, Ontario, Canada
      Library Sciences / Arabic Studies
Founding Student - To Be Completed
Verner, Bonnie
     Buchanan, Georgia, U.S.A.
     English Lit / 
Publications: Poetry published in The Eclectic

Awards: Most Improved New Fighter (armored), Shire of Tal Mere, Society for Creative Anachronism

Outside interests: Martial arts; painting & sculpting

If I finally tell the voices' story, maybe they'll shut up, or at least start keeping reasonable hours.

What qualities do you have that will enhance campus and academic life at Miskatonic?   Well, you could obviously use a proofreader...

Virtual Graduate 
Masters Program
. .
Del Valle, L. Glenn
     San Gabriel, California, U.S.A.
     Metaphysics / Arabic Studies 
Founding Student - To Be Completed
Dillon, Ron E. 
     Dublin, California, U.S.A.
     Archaeology / Metaphysics
Founding Student - To Be Completed
Draaken, Marcus
     <serendipity @ wanadoo.nt>
     Voorburg, The Netherlands 
     Metaphysics (Grand Unified Theory) / 
Founding Student - To Be Completed
Free, Anthony 
     <anthonyfree69 @ yahoo.com>
     Mobile, Alabama, U.S.A.
     Metaphysics / Archaeology
Publications: Nike Quarterly, 1/2000, Coca Cola Community Newsletter, Letter of the Week “under 'Anon'", Hustler, 2/86 

Achievements: 3 week High-Sales Award, Nike; 'Nike on the Congo' Traveled to Congo spending 3 weeks following local tribesman from their home villiages to plant.  Proved that use of Nike promoted better arch support. 

Interests: Monster trucks, pre-Lincoln politics, and Maya Angelou 

Essay: Well, I think that the gods are old therefore by digging up old things one gets closer to the gods. 
I have always felt a force that eminates from somewhere that I can't quite place, but have felt the shadow of pass over me like some nebulous wraith of a ghostly phantom.  A specternal nagging of infinitudes awaiting to only be awoken by a touch if only I knew where to touch...  Only in the solacing roar of a good 4x4's engine could I know why the caged bird sings...  My quest to sate this insatiable thirst for knowing and thus ending this ungodly torment so ironicly in the quest of gods....  By digging up old things one gets closer to the gods. 

Friedl, Jakub Aelgar 
     Prague, Czech Republic
     Biology (life span) / Chemistry
Founding Student - To Be Completed
Kates, Brett 
     <bkates6 @ comcast.net>
     Cherry Hill, New Jersey, U.S.A.
     Chemistry / Metaphysics
Bio: Tax professional: arcane in its own nature.  Author “Keeping What’s Yours,” contributing author “Law suit and asset protection letter,” contributing author “Corporate Counselor.”
Awards: Bankers Trust Bulls eye, Amjur, Bankers Trust Euro Conversion Team
Goals: Improve my understanding of the esoteric
Assets: Master of the arcane, understanding US tax law
Kristie-Esposito Denis
     Montgomery, Illinois, U.S.A.
     Metaphysics / Alchemy
I was raised mostly by my maternal grandparents, both of whom came from the old country and instilled all the Eastern European qualities in me that their own children rejected. Along with this I was taught the "old ways" and all the folk customs that accompanied them. This predisposed me to metaphysical interests my whole life.  Majored in literature in college, with a minor in theology. It was during that time that I first came across HPL and could not put him down. I ultimately took off a quarter just to read everything I could find by him.   The rest of my life has been a constant search for deeper meaning and understanding.  I am a student of Druidry with the OBOD. "Herbology with the Natural School of Health" and "Rosicrucianism with the Confraternity of the Rose Cross.

I want to surrond myself in the aura of the field I have chosen, and can think of no better place than at MU.  Metaphysical awareness seems to ooze from the stones, or could that be....!  Even in Prep School I was called "Old Spooky" since my favorite volume of Poe was always with me. At college I found HPL, or perhaps was found. This only proved to deepen my resolve to get to the bottom of why the luminaries I always held up were steeped in the dark mysteries.
Laverty, Chris
     <csj.laverty @ merseymail.com>
     Liverpool, Merseyside, England
     English Literature / Mythology
Cambridge graduate.  Art history major: thesis on William Blake.
Luke, Kenoufi 
     Annecy, France
French student in English, and also fan of Lovecraft's works I'm looking for more information on his works, influences, and so on.
To get more info for personal interest and to share it with other people who do have an interest in it as well.  I'll try to show my value through my works-to-come..
Motter, Edward
     Houston, Texas, U.S.A. 
     Metaphysics / Paleo-Crypto-Phrenology
I have always been fascinated by aardvarks and mystical headgear, I would appreciate the chance to study under the greatest thaumatalogical minds in our country.

I was born under a cursed blood-red blue-moon with Scorpio ascending, and am now forced to assume the shape of a large paisley-covered sofa under bizarre situations, and I can REALLY break the ice at parties!!

Owens, Ronald M., Sr.
     Savannah, Georgia, U.S.A.
     Metaphysics / Herbology
Founding Student - To Be Completed
Schroder, Basil Lou
     <Trapperb @ chartermi.net>
     Pinkney, Michigan, U.S.A.
     Biogenetic Engineering / Chemistry
Bio: married w/ no children and holding a B.S.E in Marine Engineering from Great Lakes Maritime Academy, Northwestern Michigan.    Achievments: summa cum laude grad. Engineering honors cadet: Great Lakes Maritime Academy.   Awards: Honor Cadet-1989.   Interests: Scuba diving, urban exploration
Spencer, Joseph 
     <jpspencer79 @ sbcglobal.net>
     Sand Diego, California, U.S.A.
     English Literature / Mythology
Through my studies at Miskatonic University, I would like to become involved in projects to translate ancient manuscripts to “Common” languages.  I would also like to work with European research groups in identifying the legitimacy, origin of recently-found manuscripts....

Well, frankly, wouldn't it look nice to have a world-famous manuscript translator come back one day to teach at his Alma Mater.

Stasila, Piotr
      Cracow, Poland
      Literature / Metaphysics

Graduated from English Teaching College, Cracow, in 2002, at present studying at University of Economics, Cracow.   Achievements - Short stories and poetry - in a college magazine, short stories - university magazine.   Outside interests - occult, British and American literature, painting.

I would like to attend a course in literature to enlarge the field of knowledge on American and English literature.  A great deal of study would allow me to combing personal interest in gothic stories and novels with research work.  Moreover, it would enable me to work on my writing skills.  I am a hardworking and reliable person with great many interests in various fields of science and art.  In addition, I am willing to share both my knowledge and experience with other people ready to hear from me. 
Virtual Research 
. .
Astorius, Hermes
     Perth, WA, U.S.A.
     Metaphysics / Mythology
Founding Student - To Be Completed
Babb, Jeffrey Charles
     Burtonsville, Maryland, U.S.A. 
I am a recent graduate of the Univ. of MD and an employee of a publishing company in Washington  D.C.  I am a fan of HPL's work and always thirsting for more knowledge in the area.
Baldwin, Eric 
     Long Beach, California, U.S.A. 
     Metaphysics / Archaeology 
Founded the Society of the Thorn at Heidelburg.  Received the Order of Protection at Milan Edited the Yellow Book for two years in Heidelburg.  Authored seminal series of works on batrachian imagery in the poetry of Ut Gaganash Awards? I have been cheated out of all that is due me by Philistines who cannot understand the importance of my work.
Other Interests?  Laser guidance systems in modern rocketry
I possess a fragment of the Revelations of Glaaki. I intend to find the rest and translate the entire work for the first time.
I can play the banjo, but I don’t.
Barclay-Jay, Kevin
     Hitchin, Herts
     Mythology / Metaphysics
Founding Student - To Be Completed
Beherec, Marc A.
       LaJolla, California, U.S.A.
      Archaeology / Literature

I was born in Mathew Hopkins’ old stomping grounds in 1979.  I have long been interested in religion, mysticism, and occultism of all kinds, and since I was a boy I have been interested in H. P. Lovecraft’s works.  I am especially interested in Lovecraft’s inspiration, both fictional and non-fictional.  I am now a graduate student at the University of California at San Diego studying anthropological archaeology.  I also have written an essay entitled, “The Devil. the Terror. and the Horror:  The Whateley Twins; Futher Debts to Folklore and Fiction,” which should in the near future be published by Lovecraft Studies Annual.  I look forward to sharing what I can with other students and researchers, and to learning all that I am able -- about Lovecraft, about occultism, and about life.   Forthcoming publcation. “The Devil, the Terror, and the Horror: The Whateley Twins; Further Debts to Folklore and Fiction.”  Lovecraft Studies.  Outside interests: Occultism, mysticism, Catholicism, religion.
I have long been interested in Lovecraftian studies and in occultism.  Both fields are all the more interesting when they combine.  I am very interested in what lies behind Lovecraft’s work -- the fountains from which he drew inspiration.  I have written one essay
which S. T. Joshi called ‘interesting and important.’ and I hope to write more in the future.  I’ve shown myself in the past to be able to contribute to Lovecraftian studies, and I hope to contribute more in the future -- especially looking at from whence the Old Gent drew his inspiration.  In addition, I’d like to share what I can with others. even if it’s only tangentially related to Lovecraft. especially in the fields of archaeology. anthropology, religious and occult studies, and literary studies.
Bellotti, Dario
     Como, Italy
Founding Student - To Be Completed
Clayton, Walter 
     Savannah, Georgia, U.S.A.
     Library Science
Librarian by Trade. delver into the mystic past of Ancient Lore by calling.
Fond of Astronomy & Computers.

From my youth I have read of the acheivements of Graduates of Miskatonic U and have wanted to be part of their traditions and techniques.  The music of Prof. Zann and the painting of Prof. Pickman have also led me to Miskatonic U.  I have been familiar with the reputation of Miskatonic U for 30 some years and can offer insight and knowledge in my field to the students and faculty of Miskatonic U.

Cool, Uriel
      Bay City, Michigan, U.S.A.
      Mythology / Library Science
After spending the first 30 years of my life in a vain and slumping effort to convince myself that there was a purpose for waffling about around the edges of middle class mediocrity, I decided to become a student.  I have amassed a library, and am currently training it to roll over.   Outside interests include Fly fishing, fly tying, streamside entymology, reading, the life of Richard the Fifth, the Romonovs, Hadrian's wall, Freemasonry, early Roman Catholic Mysticism, the death of Roman Catholic Mysticism, and sandwiches.   I am interested in attending MU because I believe that it will be the one institution that will provide me with an education that will be of some practical use in the real world.  I am deeply interested in continuing my research, on a professional level, and in
a setting which will be both nuturing and inspiring.  I believe with the resources that MU has to offer, I can finally put to rest the theory that Scotch and York Rite Freemasons can be conclusively tied to the ancient Gnostic gospels, ley lines, the worship of the elder gods from Cthulhu myth, and the disappearance of Elvis.

A list, then: I almost always smell like flowers and/or tropical fruit.  I have a large collection of books, most of which
anyone can find on eBay, but some of which can only be found with some effort.  I have traveled extensively, throughout Europe, South America, and North America, and have never had a sexual encounter on foreign soil.  I believe this is a tribute to my good sense in regards to something both vague and noble.  I once thought I had an encounter with an Alien spacecraft, but it turned out to be a radio antenna.  My chagrin at
this discovery was only outdone by my pleasure at realizing I hadn't been left on this horrible planet again.  I come from Northern Michigan, an area of the USA filled with spooky places, and tourists.  I have never wanted something so bad in my life as to be a student at MU, except perhaps flying to a different planet in something other than a radio tower, and maybe having sex in Peru.
Cox, Tom
       Gray, Tennessee, U.S.A.
       Literature / Metaphysics
Outside interests include mycology and  myxomycology.  My interest in HPL has led me to many diverse quests for knowledge. I hope to obtain a better understanding of literature.  Interested in all that is obscure.  I am interested in research into early supernatural literature.
Daniel, Charley
     Hampton, Victoria, Australia
Founding Student - To Be Completed
Devroux, Lucion B. 
     <sgtslith @ hotmail.com>
     Holly, Michigan, U.S.A.
     Metaphysics / Mythology
I am possesed of an indominable will to succeed: no matter the cost to my self.  I intend to attend the university because of its wealth of obscure knowladge.  Items of interest such as Mythos studies, Metaphysics, and obscure languages apeal to me.  In attending the Miskatonic University, I hope to enlighten the masses by bringing further lore and theory into common practice. 
Awards: Top Gun M-16 Ft.McClellen AL.   Interests: Lannguage studies, Anthropology, Theology, and Mythos studies
Gulbranson, Jess
     <gulbranson @ jps.net> 
     Portland, Oregon, U.S.A. 
     Mythology / English Literature 
Founding Student - To Be Completed
Hoogeweij, Jeroen
     Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland
     Library Science / Mythology
OTO member, Literary science, semiotics, presently working on an essay about mafteah shlomo and de Solomonic cycle in general
Kreitner, Alex
     Bremerton, Washington, U.S.A. 
     Library Sciences / Arabic Studies
Well, I would like to attend because although I’m not going to a college this year, I would still like to be a participant in some sort of a learning area.  I’m not sure what career I want, I suppose writing if I find out I’m any good at it, I don’t like saying this, it sounds to cliche, but, hey, some people make it.

Well, I can be hard working when I want to, and from what I’ve seen of this college I definitely would want to.  I don’t have a lot of money, so this is a good opportunity for a free education.  ... Well, I don’t have much to say, I filled this out before, and wasn’t happy with it.  I sounded too fake and not really myself, I decided I could do a little better, so I figured I might as well try it again since I didn’t get any response the first time.  I hope perhaps, that this time you will consider  me a little harder.

Labich, Anders
     Aarhus, Denmark
     Mythology / Archaeology
Founding Student - To Be Completed
Lemore, Romeus
     Kernayel, Lebanon
     Arabic Studies / Archaeology
Extremely interested in archaeology and Arabic Studies. Achievements: Dean’s list and honour roll in high school and college. 

Essay: I wish to expand my knowledge in the domains of archaeology and Arabic. I wish to understand the social development and the religious beliefs of ancient civilisations and to get a hands on experience with the orginal
language these texts were written in. 

Note: I work with computers and I know HTML among other programming languages. I also have an interest in music, and I’m a part of a band “guitar/bass player”. 

Raven, Dana 
     Chadron, NE, U.S.A.
     Mythology / Music
Have studied all things arcane since 1980 off and on, would be interested in correlating the things I know with the things I shouldn’t know.

I would like very much to learn the tones and music that would call forth Great Cthulthu. 

I’m a cranky old broad that might be able to put the brakes on some of the foolishness of some of the younger set, having had a few dances with Azathoth and his band myself!

Rohrbaugh, Michael 
     Rome, Ohio, U.S.A.
     Metaphysics / Eastern Studies
I've a bright, but dark personality. I am interested in occult and metaphysics. I have been studying the occult most of my life but most recently I have been studying the Necronomicon. I wish to attend Miskatonic University to grow in knowledge about metaphysics and the occult, and to grow as a person with the knowledge I shall gain. I wish to accomplish great knowledge of the chosen subjects.  I think they should choose me because I am a bright, understanding person who is willing to learn.
Tailleur, Mark
     Redlands, California, USA 
     Mythology / Archaeology
To Be Completed
Tilton, Elaine 
     Cridersville, Ohio, U.S.A.
     Library Science / Mythology
To Be Completed
Sloan, Brandon 
     Windsor, Colorado, U.S.A. 
     English Literature / Metaphysics
I'm just looking to further my knowledge of Poe and HPL.  My career is actually with computers, so non-related.  I'm not sure why they should except me but I would like to further my knowledge on these two greatest of all great authors.
Snyder, Jake
     <tayje_98550 @ iwom.com 
     Aberdeen, Washington, U.S.A. 
     Mythology / Cybernetics 
My reason for filling out this form is that I thought Miskatonic University would be the best place to do my research and learn more about the occult.

I don’t do drugs.  I’m a much better student now than I was in High School. My GPA should be going up this quarter, I am doing much better now than in my first quarter.

Strong, Edward Jack 
     Junction City, Kansas, U.S.A. 
Founding Student - To Be Completed
Trumble, James M. 
     Santee, California, U.S.A.
     Metaphysics / Archaeology
I plan on being voted Dictator of the World. My accomplishments shall precede me  into the known world and when I graduate I will voted into high office. From t here I will be adored by all and will be given power over all. I will then rule with an iron fist.

I bring the awful truth. I have a drive to be the  best that can not be matched. I also bring a physical presence to everything  I do. I can be extremely competitive. I will only bring the best. 

Weghorst, Martin N.
     <fatherdagon @ hotmail.com>
     Aberdeen, Maryland, U.S.A. 
     Mythology / Metaphysics 
I would like to research the mythos of Lovecraft. I have read nearly every thing available of his on the bookstands. Also, I have read much of C.A. Smith, Poe, and Lumley. 

If I am not accepted, I will summon Azathoth.

Wendell, Bruce
     <freakparade @ yahoo.com>
     Fairfax, California, U.S.A.
     Metaphysics / Hermetics
Miskatonic University seems to be geared toward students who, like myself, want an understanding and working knowledge of a deeper universe.I am mainly interested in researching ancient greco-egyptian papyri and and related fields of study. I expect to aquire an academic understanding of these related fields of study in order to put them into a working frame of knowledge. Perhaps later in my career, I shall write a book on these subjects.  I have over a decade's worth of study and initiatory work in the fields of occultism, metaphysics, etc.   I am a former 32nd degree Scottish Rite Mason.  A first degree initiate of both the Ordo Templi Orientis and the Temple of Set.
Awards: outstanding achievements in fine art
Interests: ritual magic,ancient civilizations,hermetics, greco-egyption papyri, greek phylosophy, ancient cosmologies
Wilson, Matthew
     London, England
AWARDS: Academy Award Nomination for film produced “Before The Rain”  Winner of Venice Film Festival for Film Produced.  Winner of Edinburgh Film Festival for film Produced “The Young Poisoner’s Handbook” 

Interested in pursuing research in the above subjects...  Experience, intelligence, and charm

Virtual Doctoral 
. .
Caldarella, Sergio 
     <caldarella @ hotmail.com>
     Nürnberg, Germany
Founding Student - To Be Completed
Creed, Jonathan 
      <sam_hain_1999 @ yahoo.com>
      Mobile, Alabama, U.S.A.
      Mythology / Arabic Studies
I am interested only in learning from those who know better than I.
I do not like to be long winded so I will just say, that I am always willing to listen. I have nothing but the deepest interest in being a part of the great Miskatonic University.
Dieterle, Christoph 
     <artiranmor @ planet-interkom.de> 
     Giessen, Germany 
     Anthropology (anatomical) / Archeology
Founding Student - To Be Completed
Girke, Felix
     <IndianaFelix @ web.de>
     Mainz, Germany
     Anthropology / Cybernetics
I would like to attend MU for several reasons, the foremost being its reputation as one of the centres of academic excellence on the Eastern Seaboard, and the dedication on research and exploration shown by its staff.  It is also the Glamour that intrigued me.  I would like to join the Doctoral Program to continue my studies in cultural anthropology.  My specific interests lie in the realm of human groups under extreme conditions, and the possibilities for future human communities under the sea or above the sky. I strive towards a career in Academia, and expect to further our knowledge about humanity through my research, while also teaching young people about our world. 
Halliar, William Richard 
      <Halliar @ hotmail.com>
     Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.
     Mythology / Archaeology
I intend to make H.P. Lovecraft a household name like Yogsothoth is, or Betty Crocker.  In attending Miskatonic I want to use my access to the worlds largest ‘public’ collection of Arcane Tomes to learn more about Dunsany and Chambers and so on. I was recently given a strange ‘Yellow Sign’ by my artist model--new girlfriend--- and I was hoping I could learn more about it’s shadowed past in from some of the teachers at MU.
Khammanivong, Ali 
     URL: universal-alliance.org
     Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.A. 
     Metaphysics / Cybernetics
My interest in attending Miskatonic University is to obtain a Doctor of Philosophy degree in metaphysics.  As a student of science and mathematics, I have great interests in methods to help increase our understanding of the universe beyond the capabilities of our science today.  In obtaining a Ph.D. degree I would be able to further my research interests in the field of
metaphysics in a proper and recognizable manner, and also be able to take part in teaching in the field.

I am a liberal arts student who not only has a wide range of interests, but I also practice and actively seek for ways to get involved in all of these interests.  Double majoring in biology and mathematics in college forced me to take an extremely wide range of courses that had become the sources of my inspirations to help bettering our society and the world by providing and seeking for solutions, understanding.  Not only  that I’m a student and a child, but I’m also a leader and collaborator for the world.  My being a part of Miskatonic University, you will have in your possession an apprentice with a lofty mind, energy, and actions that are whole-heartedly geared toward the betterment of our human society.  I will show the people in our organization and world the kind of education that Miskatonic University can provide. 

Lange, Andrew
     <andrewlange @ earthlink.net> 
     Boulder, Colorado, U.S.A. 
     Chemistry / Metaphysics
Got to get right with the Lord.
Lusian, Jordan D.
     Everett, Washington, U.S.A.
     Metaphysics / Parapsychology
I'm the one who figured out if the chicken or the egg came first. Always willing to try new things...
I have always enjoyed the works of authors such as H.P. Lovecraft. I have a strange fear of the ocean and things with tentacles, so obviously when my mother told me about the stories about Cthulhu I had to read them.
My interest in unusual things has existed for as long as I can remember and I have always tried to learn as much as possible about them. This is what brings me to Miskatonic University. The works available through the school have already been of great interest to me and I hope that if accepted, I will be able to learn even more. I'd like to think that I have a moderately decent intellect and that if given the opportunity I could apply it towards some of the common goals and interests of the other students and faculty.
Morrison, Peter Larkin
     Berkeley, California 
     Metaphysics / Mythology 
Founding Student - To Be Completed
Nolan, John W. 
      <ivangroz @ gol.com> 
     Osaka, Japan 
     Mythology / Metaphysics 
I have been teaching at a college here in Osaka, Japan for the past seven years and since that time I have traveled quite a bit, India, Malaysia, and Korea among other places.   I am a serious student and am currently enrolled in a M.Ed. program at Temple Univeristy whose main campus is in Philadelphia.  I am extremely interested in mythology. I have read most of Huston’s work on religion and plowed through Campbell, Mircea Eliade, and others. I am interested in comparing the mythology of Lovecraft to Sumerian and other myths of other traditions such as Epyptian, Persian, and, possibly, Hindu. Not only a relation of languages but also trying to identify an indo-european psychology as it relates to notions of evil and transmogrification and reincarnation.
I am willing to contribute to the University as a full-fledged student not only for my own benefit but to lend a more academic approach to Lovecraft.
Rein, Jason C.
     Alexandria, Virginia, U.S.A. 
     Chemistry / Arabic Studies
I hope to make a synthesis between traditional Western ritual magick and other traditions throughout the world, distilling the central principles to make the basic principles clear.  This should make incantations and other spells easier and more accurate, making the lot of Magickians everywhere better.

I'm a generalist, so I get along with almost everyone.  I’m a natural studier, and have always excelled in academics, but I’m also a Writer and Artist, and have talent and expertise in Theatre and other performing arts as well.  I’m gregarious and a good listener-- which means I’m welcome in just about any company.

Robinson, Cliff
     Liberty, Missouri, U.S.A.
     Metaphysics / Mythology
Founding Student - To Be Completed
Rybalka, Alexandr
     Kiryat-Malachi, Israel
     Metaphysics / Chemistry
Founding Student - To Be Completed
Schmeusser, Gerhard
     Nuernberg, Germany 
     Cybernetics / Metaphysics
Several publications of mythos related stories and adventures.

Maybe the Arkham University is interested in improving relationships with Europe by granting a scholarship to a German student.

Shoots, Ivy 
     New York City, New York, U.S.A.
     Metaphysics / Mythology
Miskatonic has a great reputation for a diverse student body, or bodies.  Why me?  I am a real brainiac, with a good sense of humor.
Achievements: Regents Scholarship, Citywide Poetry Contest,  honorable mention, Fulbright Scholarship 1984
Publishing: Sunday NYT Magazine: letter column.  Suggestibility in Groups: as Demonstrated in the Salem Witch Trials
Tijani, M. Olabode
     Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria
     Cybernetics / Metaphysics
I am happily married with 3 children. A water electrical engineer. Loves pets: cats, goats, fowls etc. Aquarian and loves sports: swimming. cycling, and repairing home appliances. Achievements: 1.0 Project Team Member - IEEE, 2.0 Team Leader - Advance Study on GSM Phone Operation and Implementation
Published short notes and research papers.  Active participation in various conferences & workshops in professional bodies.
Essay: To attain & improve my knowledge and understanding of Cybernetics &Metaphysics. To develop this knowledge for positive use and to benefit my family and friends.  I am a reasonable, honest, and diligent human being. Interested in acquiring useful knowledge of sincere interest.  Regular submission of subjects relevant to my fields. Also enquiries that are self enhancing and stimulating to my colleagues teachers and my humble self.
Wells, Scott
     Stow, Ohio, U.S.A.
     ? / Archaeology
Recieved a M.A. in History from Kent State University, specializing in Early Modern Europe, Medival, and Ancient History. Personal emphasis on Popular Culture, and Witchcraft in the Popular Press in England 1580-1688.  Undergraduate B.A. degree in History, also from Kent State. Minor in Anthropology, Archaeology and Art History.  Published Critic, and web published RPG reviewer.  Review of Harlan Ellison: “Slippage,” Ohio Writer Magazine, Summer, 1998.  Various online reviews.  Roleplaying Games, Writing, Computers, Film, and reading.

Miskatonic University is clearly the premier institution for the study of Arcane and Occult subjects. My own interest in Early Modern Witch Cults and Popular literature would seem to be a perfect match for each other, destined to benefit not only myself, but the University as well.  While attending the august Miskatonic campus is not an option for me financially, obviously, the online campus is the next best thing.

Why?  I can provide transcriptions of a large number of Witchcraft Pamphlets published in England and Scotland between 1562 and 1688, for one thing.  Secondly, I am a good reviewer of fictional works, both in print and on film. Thirdly, I am presently working on an English ‘Translation’ of Comte d’Erlette’s “Cultes des Goules.” which I believe is the first time that particular tome has been translated into English.  Hmmm.... that, and I’m basically just a pretty good guy with a real love of weird Fiction in general, and Lovecraft in particular.

Zie, Jeff 
     London, England, UK
     Metaphysics / Archaeology
Adventurer, Metaphysicist, Psychonaut, Themenite and Motorcyclist.... 

Why not? Civility deems that it would be prudent to consider it...

. . .
. . .