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 Department of Anthropology & Sociology Studies in the origins and social development of mankind and civilication. Including a compendium of the characters of HPL's stories.
 Department of Archeology Studies in new found discoveries of ancient civilizations.
 College of Communications Film department includes the "Films of H.P. L.ovecraft."  The Internet Lab includes study links outside M.U.
 Department of Eastern Studies Studies in Eastern culture, the works of Arabian alchemy, and the Necronomicon.
 Department of Library Sciences Studies in the Rare book collection of Miskatonic University's Wilmarth Library. Includes the Mythos Encyclopedia of Books and Authors
 Department of Literature Studies in the works of H. P. Lovecraft, Robert W. Chambers, Ambrose Bierce, and others.
College of Metaphysics Studies of the Cthulhu cult. Includes the College of Magic Arts and the Mythos Encyclopedia of Gods and Creatures.
College of The Sciences Studies in the works of ancient alchemy and magic as the basis of modern science.
The Museum New Exhibit: the Portrait Gallery.
The Student Union Visit the Student Union for The Campus Bookstore, the Miskatonic Student Co-operative Store, listing of campus films and events, the trophy case, etc.
Student Co-operative Store The Student Union is open, offering everything from books to clothing.
Bulletin Board Student Union message board
On-Line Registration Register at Miskatonic University's On-line Campus
 Links Links about and outside campus.
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