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Tuesday, August 20, 2019 - 7:00 PM


Late Autumn

by Yasujirô Ozu

kanalYasujirô Ozu is one of Japan's mose prized filmmakers. Tokyo Story, Early Spring, and Early Summer are three of his most famous films which have a strong sense of family life. The fourth in that list is Late Autumn. While the first two have been seen extensively and concern Japan's emergence from WWII, 1960's Late Autumn is about a family facing the modernism that Japan itself was adapting after the US occupation ended. It is a modern film about modern concerns, yet still is entrenched in traditional values and ideas. I chose this one over Late Spring (which everyone should see - and we've already screened Tokyo Story) because it is more relevant to international culture than the earlier films. Sadly Ozu would pass away at age 60 soon afterwards. Many have called Late Autumn a reworking of Late Spring, despite that they are each based on a different novelist's work. But they do both star Setsuko Hara and Chishû Ryû from Late Spring. Expect an interesting conversation...

(1960) A widow tries to marry off her daughter with the help of her late husband's three friends.


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