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Tuesday, March 10, 2020 - 7:00 PM

At Eric Van's



by Hirokazu Koreeda

kanalPerhaps one of the most delightful films of recent years according to everyone who has had the chance to see it. Based on a manga by Akimi Yoshida, it is a story that revolves around three sisters who live in their grandmother's home and the arrival of their thirteen-year-old half sister. It won top honors from Japan's film academy. If you've seen Koreeda's "Shoplifters" you must see this film. It is not available on disk in this country so we will be streaming it.

Please remember to RSVP to Eric (his email is on this email) so we know the head count.





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The Screening Salon/Salon is a private, casual, and non-commercial screening group run from our homes. There is no monetary gain, nor required dues, fees, or collections of money of any sort. It's just for the fun of sharing and enjoying copies of films we own or borrow from local libraries.

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