The Arkham Advertiser

A limited number of first editions of the H. P. Lovecraft fan club publication "The Arkham Advertiser" are now available while supplies last. They can be purchased from the Student Union Campus Store or ordered by mail from Miskatonic University Press. Send a check or money order to Miskatonic University Press, Box 1099, 1751 Beacon Street, Brookline, MA 02146. Postage and handling is $1.00 for one issue, $1.50 for two issues, and $2.00 for three to eight issues.
Volume 1, Issue 1

Includes: An Introduction to H.P. Lovecraft; The Cthulhu Mythos - part 1; Randolph Carter in Providence; Lovecraft's Films, Part 1 - 1950-1970; The Cthulhu Writing Competition; Fan Club Corner; etc.

$15.00 plus postage and handling

Volume 1, Issue 2

Includes: Young HPL, a bio; The Poetry of Edward Pickman Derby; Report on the 1993 Necronomicon; Lovecraft Book Collecting 101; The Cthulhu Mythos; Lovecraft Films, Part 2 - 1971-1980; etc.

Unfortunately, this issue is SOLD OUT.Miskatonic University Press should have a reprint out in the near future. We suggest you try some of the Campus Bookstore links to rare book dealers if you want a first edition.

Volume 1, Issue 3

Includes: HPL Bio, Part 2; Simon's Necronomicon; Shoggoths; Weird Tales & HPL; "The World of H.P. Lovecraft"; Lovecraft Films, Part 3 - 1980-1989; etc.

$10.00 plus postage and handling

Volume 1, Issue 4

Includes: HPL Bio, Part 3; Book Collecting; Arkham House Biblio; "The Minister's Tale" by Robert Dunlap; Lord Dunsany; "The Necronomicon of Abdul Alhazred" by Alicia Uslane; Art by Toren G. Atkinson and Robert Dunlap; etc.

$7.00 plus postage and handling

Volume 2, Issue 1

Includes: Art by Toren G. Atkinson; Ambrose Bierce; HPL Bio, Part 4; HPL Book Collecting; Arkham House Addenda; "The Book of H'AAGAL" by Allen Mackey; etc.

$5.00 plus postage and handling

Volume 2, Issue 2

Includes: Robert W. Chambers; HPL on the Internet; "Family Traditions" by Morgan J. Aplan; HPL Book Collecting; "What the Shadows Hide" by C. L. Werner; etc.

$5.00 plus postage and handling